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Sai Han (2016, Shanghai Theater Academy)


Nan ye, a young man from Shanghai, was lost in love when he came to Abaga grassland for a trip. His car broke down due to heavy snow. Nan Ye fainted in the snow and was rescued by Sai Han, a kind grassland girl.

Director and writer: Qi Li

Award: Best Photography Nomination, First Jackie Chen Film Art Museum Microfilm Competition, 2018


Over the Sea (2016, Shanghai Theater Academy)


Around 1949, the KMT forced troops in the fishing village along the coast of Xiamen. Deqing Jiang, who was idle in the village, was also recruited. Overnight, he was sent to Houyu Island, the KMT area of influence near Jinmen Island. He made friends with Sanhu Jin, the leader of the team. However, the two man both loved Lizhen Wang, a nurse on the island. When Jiang made a big mistake, Jin and Wang were involved in. What were their choices?

Director and writer: Hao Zhang

Awards: Bronze Award, the13th Guangzhou University Microfilm Unit, 2016

              Best Photography Award, Ningbo International Microfilm Competition, 2017

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