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Little Dragon of Kung Fu (2014)    

This film is about a pair of separated brothers in South Shaolin of Putian learns martial arts. Big brother Xiaojie lost his way when he was a child, and he was adopted by the martial arts coach. He grew up in this poor family, and he practiced martial arts very hard every day. Little brother Xiaolong (little dragon) has a rich life and he also liked learning Kung Fu since he was a child. They met in South Shaolin, and two men with different living environments and personalities have become competitors.

Director: Fuyin Xie

Writers: Li Lin-Liang(林黎,Li Lin), Jing Xie, Fuyin Xie, Zheng Wang

A Family of Kung Fu (2012)

This comedy film expresses how to inherit the traditional Chinese culture, such as martial arts, in the modern era. A group of Kung Fu teenagers in Wudang Mountain have a new value judgment on Kung Fu in a treasure hunt.

Director and writer: Fuyin Xie

Script Supervisor/ Art director: Li Lin-Liang(林黎, Li Faping)

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